In an effort to improve the time taken on the course for everyone’s enjoyment we encourage players to adopt ‘Ready Golf’ during their round.


Order of play is based on whichever player is ready to proceed, not necessarily who is furthest from the hole or who has the honour.

Allow shorter hitters to play first.

Hit your own shot before helping to look for a lost ball.

Hole out short putts rather than marking, even if it means standing close to another player’s line.

Upon arrival at the next tee ensure someone goes ahead and plays, then marks their scorecard whilst others tee off.



In addition, the following tips will help pace of play.


Pick up and move on if you are unable to score any Stableford points.

Be ready to take your shot - have your glove on, yardage calculated, club selected, line of putt evaluated, etc.

Play a provisional ball if you’re unsure your original ball will be found quickly.

Leave your golf bag on the side of the green you will exit to the next tee.



Above all, please keep up with the group ahead and not just ahead of the group behind. Please do not be offended if a marshal points out you are out of position.