Competition Rules


Play will be Stableford over 18 holes.

Players receive their full handicap and play is divided into three categories:

Men 0 - 12 handicap inclusive

Men 13 - 28 handicap inclusive

Ladies 0 - 28 handicap inclusive

Golfers with a handicap higher than 28 may still play in the event but subject to this maximum.

Ladies will calculate their points according to the Ladies Stroke Index & Par.

The leading three men from each category and the best lady will qualify for the National Final.       

A team competition will run concurrently to the main individual event, where the two best Stableford scores count for the team at each hole.

Men will play from the BMW tee markers (Yellow yardages).  Ladies will play from the Red tees.

Ties for any position will be decided on a count back of the last 9, 6, 3 and final hole of the card,irrespective of the order played.

Rule 14-3 Distance Measuring Devices

In this competition, a player may use a device to measure or gauge distance. If a device has additional functionality that can gauge or measure other conditions that might affect a player’s play (e.g. elevation change, wind speed, etc.), the use of any such additional function would be a breach of Rule 14-3.

The organisers reserve the right to amend published start times.



General Rules & Entry Conditions


The competition will be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf as laid down by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews.

The BMW Golf Cup International is open to amateur golfers aged 21 years and over.

To be eligible for qualification players must be members of a recognised Golf Club and hold a CONGU competition handicap. Society and online handicaps are not permitted.

Handicaps will be checked on the CONGU Central Handicap Database and the BMW Golf Team reserve the right to contact a player’s home club for handicap verification and playing history if required.

Having qualified in one category, should a player’s handicap alter, they will compete in the following round of the tournament to their new handicap and in the relevant category.

Should any player qualifying for the UK or World Final be unable to attend, his or her place will be offered to the next best score in the relevant category.

All decisions on the rules will be settled by the organisers. Their decision is final.

In attending any stage of the Tournament, you (and if applicable, those who accompany you) consent and acknowledge that BMW may use, in online and offline media, your and their photograph or video footage for promotional and marketing purposes, without notification or making any payment whatsoever.

The names of the qualifiers from the Regional Finals and winners from the UK Final will be made available on request in writing by emailing

All questions regarding this Tournament should be made by contacting the BMW Golf Team on 0118 932 4245 or by email at